Job duties

  • Lead the creation of product portfolio vision and strategy in support of Tabner’s vision. Drive and facilitate the planning process to provide focus and alignment on critical strategies and resultant products and services that delight our partners. Aggressively identify opportunities for improvement and incorporate new business and product features on an ongoing basis.
  • Evangelize and socialize product or services strategy, vision and value proposition with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Work closely with our alliance partners to ensure that the common services and offerings we jointly provide remain aligned and are delivered to the market without interruption.
  • Provide leadership, mentoring, and management to assigned delivery staff dedicated to the growth of the organization, product management process, and metrics that demonstrate improved performance.
  • Lead the team to proactively meet with partners (customers) and prospects to assess needs, identify opportunities, and build relationships for dynamic product enhancement dialogue.
  • Regularly interact with product user groups, industry leaders, and the learning community to stay abreast of industry changes and to influence policy.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize product line profitability through value-based pricing, production efficiency recommendations, and competitive and market intelligence to improve partner retention rates and partner satisfaction.
  • Work with staff to routinely review and report out P&L at product, bundle, and portfolio levels for all products and services.
  • Identify and build cross-functional team collaboration experiences on a real-time and strategic basis within Tabner.
  • Attend key industry conferences, capture strategic takeaways and socialize this information within the Product team.
  • Develop and direct a high-performance product management team of directors and their staff charged with optimizing the organization’s portfolio of products and services.
  • Drive toward clarity of purpose and role for all functions and activity
  • Manage the development and execution of business and technology verticals based on engagement
  • Develop market analysis and research to identify and execute opportunities that drives expansion of offerings
  • Enable development of executable marketing strategies and approaches for various business and technology solutions
  • Ability to manage and lead engagements with strategic partners and work products engaged across various work efforts both on-site and remote

Minimum Educational Requirements: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems or a related field